yourCFO® Consulting Group - The excellence in operational finance


yourCFO® Consulting Group is a team of professionals, with a significant track record in corporate finance, aiming at assisting corporations in the process of decision-making.Managers and entrepreneurs are continuously faced by the increased complexity of an interconnected business environment: this makes finance and administration a critical function in modern business.


yourCFO® provides specific skills and advanced know-how to assist potential clients, ranging from multinationals to SMEs, also covering temporary roles if necessary, thanks to the solid experience of its partners as CFO, CEO and COO in several challenging business situations.yourCFO® can also directly acquire minority share in companies.


Treasury Management and Financial Planning

Once a key to success, relationship with banks are increasingly becoming one of the most critical aspects of business life, and one very complicate to manage.

Working Capital Management

Often the most important asset of the firm, working capital is also the most neglected. It provides the means for everyday management of business, and can be a significant source of savings.

Budget and Cost Accounting

Managing complexity is the most difficult aspect of business life, especially in phases of change, or in the middle of fierce competition and rapid innovation. It takes a clear view of main economic and financial indicators to implement rapid decisions.

Corporate Financial Operations

Corporate finance deals for SMEs (mergers, acquisitions, listing, venture capital and private equity) require a set of skills that only an team of experienced professionals can provide.

Turnaround and Debt Restructuring

yourCFO® intends to provide a valid reference in during corporate crises, or for those companies seeking to develop new business ideas or to revamp the business, or for those seeking to implement managerial change in their business model.

CFO Services and Temporary Manager

Both the jurisdiction and the principle contained in the Code of Conduct for listed companies, define the role of “independent directors”. In a nutshell, independent is said a director with no direct of indirect link or relation that might affect his independence of judgment.